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Astrobiology Seminar: Fall 2006

Mondays 3:00-4:00pm in Phys. Sci. Bldg. 211 (seminar room of the astrobiology institute)
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# Date Speaker Topic Note
1 Aug 21 Dave Jewitt New perspectives on ice in the solar system  
2 Aug 28 Jacqueline Keane The origin, evolution, and interplay of ice in molecular clouds ppt
3 Sep 04 no seminar - Labor Day
4 Sep 11 Eric Gaidos Was the sun born in a dense cluster? Dynamical perspectives  
  Sep 18 Jan Kleyna Special meeting (not a seminar):
Pan-STARRS and Astrobiology
special time 12:30-1:30
5 Sep 18 Jonathan Williams Was the sun born in a dense cluster? Observational perspectives  
6 Sep 25 Gary Huss Was the sun born in a dense cluster? Cosmochemical perspectives  
7 Oct 02 Steven Stanley Influence of changes in seawater chemistry on biomineralization during the past half billion years  
8 Oct 09 Jens Kallmeyer
(University of Rhode Island)
Enumeration of cells in the deep biosphere, how many are really down there? ppt
host: Rusch
9 Oct 17 Lysa Chizmadia Smoke ice Tuesday
10 Oct 23 Durrell Kapan The three-butterfly problem: polymorphism, mimicry & speciation...  
11 Oct 30 George Shaw
(Union College, New York)
A (not so) brief history of carbon on Earth abstract
host: Huss
12 Nov 06 Kim Binsted Computational techniques for astrobiology  
13 Nov 13 Mark Brown Deep evolutionary diversity in a Hawaiian lava cave microbial mat  
14 Nov 20 Karen Stockstill The search for evaporites on Mars  
15 Nov 27 Weijun Zheng Infrared study of solid water, ammonia and ammonia hydrate with possible applications to outer solar system ices  
16 Dec 04 Christ Ftaclas Observational issues in detecting and characterizing extrasolar planets  

Astr 740 is an interdisciplinary seminar series. Students from any field of science can enroll to receive 1 credit.

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The seminar organizer/instructor for the fall 2006 semester is Norbert Schörghofer (,

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