Refereed Publications

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Conference Proceedings
  • Near-Infrared Astrometry of Star Clusters with Different Flavors of Adaptive Optics and HST
    Lu, J.R., Neichel, B., Anderson, J., Sinukoff, E., Hosek Jr., M.W., Ghez, A.M., Rigaut, F., 2014, Proceedings of SPIE, 9148
Talks and Posters
  • The Tidal Radius of the Arches Cluster (poster)
    From Galactic to Extragalactic Star Formation, Marseille, France, September 2014

  • An FGLR Distance to Metal-Poor Dwarf Galaxy NGC 3109 (talk)
    The Extragalactic Distance Scale Workshop, Munich Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics, Munich, Germany, June 2014