Education and Outreach

Science Olympiads

Science Olympiads is a nation-wide program where teams of middle and high school students compete in a series of events in different Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. These test or project based events provide students with a tremendous opportunity to explore topics not otherwise covered in a typical school curriculum. Since 2012 I have been a volunteer coach for the Iolani High School Science Olympiad team, preparing students to compete in the astronomy event. As a former Science Olympiad participant myself, I am glad for the chance to give back to the program :).

Professional Development Program (PDP)

The Institue for Scientist and Engineering Educators (ISEE) Professional Development Program trains participants in inquiry-based learning techniques and how they can be incorporated in STEM education. Part of the program includes designing, organizing and leading an inquiry-based lab activity for high school or college aged students. As a participant in 2013, I worked with fellow IfA grads Nick Lee (team lead), Evan Sinukoff, and Megan Ansdell to design a "light and optics" themed lab activity for advanced high school students.

Outreach at the IfA

With the high visibility of the IfA in the community, we have a great opportunity to teach the public about astronomy. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in many teaching/outreach events, including:

  • Monthly Stargazing at the Honolulu Zoo Program
  • Gemini Observatory's Journey Through the Universe Program
  • Stargazing/planetarium shows at local schools
  • IfA Open House: Scale Solar System
  • Public comet/solar eclipse viewing

Outreach, rain or shine!