treecode_x                        Hierarchical N-body code (+ ext grav)

  in=                             Input file with initial conditions

  out=                            Output file pattern for N-body frames.
				  Replace %d with step number of frame.

  restore=                        Continue run from state file

  save=                           Write state file as code runs

  dtime=1/32                      Leapfrog integration timestep

  eps=0.025                       Density field smoothing length

  theta=1.0                       Force accuracy parameter

  usequad=false                   If true, use quad moments

  options=                        Various simulation options.
				  new-tout: reschedule output times.
				  reset-time: set time to zero.
				  bh86,sw94,theta-eff: alt. opening criteria.

  outputs=Position,Velocity       Data fields to output.
				  Others: Mass,Potential,Acceleration.

  tstop=2.0                       Time to stop integration

  dtout=1/4                       Data output timestep

  nstatic=0                       Number of static bodies in array.
				  If pos (neg), count from start (end).

  nbody=4096                      Number of particles (for test run).
				  If no input file, make Plummer model.

  seed=123                        Random number seed (for test run)

  trace=                          Output file pattern for trace frames

  log=                            Output file name for calculation log

  gravgsp=                        Input GSP for external gravity

  VERSION=1.5                     Joshua Barnes  12 May 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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