sphcode_u                         SPH/N-body simulation code.
				  Energy formulation,
				  Ideal gas (shock heating),
				  Self-consistent gravity.

  in=                             Input file with initial conditions

  out=                            Output file patern for SPH frames

  save=                           Write state file as code runs

  restore=                        Continue run from state file

  gamma=5/3                       Ratio of specific heats

  uintmax=0.0                     Enforce maximum uint if gt zero

  alpha=1.0                       Bulk viscosity parameter

  beta=2.0                        vN-R viscosity parameter

  nsmooth=40                      Bodies in smoothing volume

  nbucket=16                      Bodies in leaves of KD tree

  slope=0.0                       Kernel slope at origin

  courant=0.25                    Courant condition parameter

  dtime=1/256                     Basic integration timestep

  fdrag=0.0                       Velocity damping factor (1/t)

  eps=0.01                        Gravitational smoothing length

  usequad=false                   If true, use quad moments

  theta=1.0                       Force accuracy parameter

  options=                        Assorted flags for simulation control.
				  Options: corrfunc, levelhist, new-tout,
				  nolimit, fixstep, lockstep, reset-time,
				  bh86, sw94, theta-eff.

				  Particle data written to output file.
				  First frame has mass and thermo var.

  tstop=2.0                       Time to stop integration

  dtout=1/16                      Data output timestep

  testbody=16384                  Number of gas particles for test data

  testseed=123                    Random number seed for test data

  testuint=0.05                   Internal energy for test data

  trace=                          Output file pattern for trace frames

  log=                            Output file name for simulation log

  VERSION=1.4                     Joshua Barnes  10 Jun 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at ifa.hawaii.edu)
Created: 14 June 2012
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