snapview                          Interactively view SnapShot data.
				  Mouse controls viewing parameters;
				  Keys , , a, b, m, p, r, R, s,
				  t, v, z control program operations.

  in=???                          SnapShot file to display

  times=all                       Range of times to display

  refscale=1.0                    Linear size of reference cube

  colordata=                      Color points using scalar data.
				  Options: Potential, SmoothLength,
				  Density, EntropyFunc, Uinternal,
				  UdotInternal, UdotRadiation, UdotViscosity,
				  OpticalDepth, BirthDate, DeathDate, Aux.

  dopcolor=false                  Color points using LOS velocities

  vectordata=                     Show lines using vector data.
				  Options: Velocity, Acceleration, AuxVec.

  maxfast=16384                   Max. points shown in fast mode

  defcolors=00ff00,ffffff         Default colors for points and cube

  viewsize=640x512                Size of viewing area in pixels

  viewfile=view.dat               Output file for viewing parameters

  ident=                          Text string to label window

  VERSION=2.0                     Josh Barnes  21 May 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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