snapstat                          Analyze statistics of SnapShot data.
				  Use doubles for sums and averages.

  in=???                          Input file name

  times=all                       Times to analyze

  value=???                       Computed value to analyze

  require=                        Input items required

  options=avg,med                 Statistical measures to tabulate.
				  Possible choices are one or more of:
				  avg: list average, rms, etc.
				  sum: list sum, sum of squares, etc.
				  med: list median, quartiles, & limits.
				  oct: list 1st through 7th octiles.
				  OCT: list octiles & limits (wide!).
				  time: prepend current time to line.

  seed=                           Seed for random number generator

  VERSION=2.3                     Josh Barnes  14 May 2008

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Created: 14 June 2012
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