snapsmooth                        Smooth N-body/SPH values onto grid

  in=???                          Input snapshot data file name

  pgmout=                         Output pgm file name pattern

  auxout=                         Output values at body positions

  times=all                       Range of times to process

  value=rho                       Options are: rho, aux, bright, rgb

  threedim=false                  If TRUE, do 3-D interpolation

  zval=0.0                        Z coordinate of sampling grid

  scale=1/256                     Spacing between grid points

  xsize=640                       Width of grid, in grid cells

  ysize=512                       Height of grid, in grid cells

  logmap=true                     If TRUE, take log of values

  midval=1.0                      Value mapped to midpoint

  slope=16.0                      Contrast (steps per factor of 2)

  pgmdepth=1                      Depth of pgm image (1 or 2 bytes)

  startcount=0                    Index of first output frame

  VERSION=1.7                     Josh Barnes  25 May 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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