snaplist                          List contents of snapshot file

  in=???                          Input file of N-body snapshots

  fields=Position                 Data fields to include in output.
				  Options: Time, Mass, Position, Velocity,
				  Acceleration, Potential, SmoothLength,
				  Density, EntropyFunc, Uinternal,
				  UdotInternal, UdotRadiation, UdotViscosity,
				  OpticalDepth, BirthDate, DeathDate,
				  BodyType, Key, Aux, AuxVec.

  times=all                       Range of times to list

  hfmt=%1s%11s                    Format for column headers

  ifmt= %11d                      Format for integer values

  rfmt= %11.5g                    Format for real values

  keyhead=key                     Name used to head key column

  auxhead=aux,auxx,auxy,auxz      Names used to head aux columns

  VERSION=1.4                     Josh Barnes  11 June 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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