kepsnap                           Compute initial data for 2-body orbit

  out=                            Output snapshot with initial data

  mass1=1.25                      Mass of 1st body

  mass2=1.25                      Mass of 2nd body

  r_peri=0.5                      Separation along X at pericenter.
				  Use negative value to reverse Jz,
				  zero value for head-on encounter.

  eccent=0.6                      Eccentricity of orbit (if r_peri != 0).
				  0 => circle; 1 => parabola.

  etot=1.0                        Total energy of orbit (if r_peri == 0)

  t_peri=1.0                      Time until pericenter

  nsteps=2048                     LF integration steps

  thetaz=0.0                      Angle to rotate results about Z

  VERSION=1.0                     Josh Barnes  31 October 2002

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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