gsprealize                        Construct N-body realization of GSP.
				  Uses Abel integral to compute DF.

  gsp=???                         Input GSP for density profile

  out=                            Output snapshot file with bodies

  grav=                           Input GSP for gravitational potential.
				  If blank, use density profile GSP.

  nstep=128                       Integration steps for DF calculation

  dflist=false                    Print out distribution function

  copies=1                        Number of realizations to produce

  nbody=4096                      Number of bodies per realization

  seed=54321                      Seed for random number generator

  randrad=true                    Pick radii randomly from M'(r).
				  If false, sample radii uniformly.

  besort=true                     Sort particles by binding energy

  zerocm=false                    Transform to center of mass coords

  hmaxpar=256,1.125               Parameters for hmax function

  VERSION=2.1                     Josh Barnes  15 May 2012

Joshua E. Barnes      (barnes at
Created: 14 June 2012
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