Curriculum Committee: Meeting 5

External Review

``It appears that the IfA has not examined its undergraduate curriculum for many years. We believe that the faculty could benefit substantially by increasing its contribution to the intellectual program of the university through a modernization and expansion of its undergraduate course offerings. Such an expansion should include serious consideration of establishing an astronomy/astrophysics major in close collaboration with the Physics Department. Liberal Arts course options could include offering more sections of introductory astronomy, active learning, laboratory courses, and establishing additional advanced special topics offerings.''

        External Review Committee
        Report to UH President
        December 2001

New Courses: Questions

New Courses: Ground Rules

Proposed Curriculum

The proposed curriculum was briefly discussed. A motion to defer the proposed labs, origins, and archaeoastronomy courses while proceeding with other changes was defeated. The committee will meet again (!) at the same time on January 31 to continue consideration of the curriculum.

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Last modified: January 29, 2002