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The Milky Way Galaxy is a vast pinwheel of stars and gas turning within an enormous cloud of invisible matter. Many generations of stars have formed and died within its disk, enriching our galaxy's stock of heavy elements. Before the disk formed, the future Milky Way probably existed as several distinct galaxies which fell together and merged.


Please read all of Chapter 14, along with the specific subsections of other chapters listed below.

1.3 Spaceship Earth
• How is our solar system moving in the Milky Way Galaxy?
2.1 Patterns in the Night Sky
The Milky Way
14.1 The Milky Way Revealed
14.2 Galactic Recycling
14.3 The History of the Milky Way
14.4 The Mysterious Galactic Center
16.2 Evidence for Dark Matter
Distribution of Mass in the Milky Way


  1. Complete the Milky Way assignment, due Monday, 12 Apr 2010 at 9:00 am.

  2. Review the lecture slides.

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