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Fall 2005 Astronomy 110L Wed. 7:00 - 10:00 pm

  1. Your Sky from Honolulu   []

    An interactive planetarium, set up to show the sky now above Honolulu. You can chose other dates and times, select other viewing sites, and zoom in on selected areas. Created by John Walker.

  2. Solar System Simulator   []

    NASA web page which generates accurate, high-quality images of planets and satellites as seen from elsewhere in the Solar System.

  3. Heavens Above   []

    Astronomy website for satellite predictions and other resources - useful if you want to see the International Space Station [ISS]. This link is keyed to Honolulu.

  4. Sky and Telescope   []

    The gold standard for astronomy magazines, read by amateur stargazers and professionals alike. On-line pages have many useful links and features.

  5. Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers   []

    A resource for observers of planets. Slightly frustrating if your link and computer are not the fastest.

  6. International Occultation Timing Association   []

    Provides information on upcoming occultations by the Moon, planets, and asteroids.

  7. American Association of Variable Star Observers   []

    Resources for variable stars observers. Has information on specific stars, including recent observations.

  8. Virtual Moon Atlas []

    Free software which simulates the appearance of the Moon at any time. You can zoom in, scan across the surface for interesting formations, and click on specific features to display names and other information. This software is only available for Windows systems, but it's so much fun that I keep a copy of Windows on my laptop so I can use it. Developed by Patrick Chevalley and Christian Legrand.

  9. Cartes du Ciel (Sky Charts) []

    Free software package useful in creating charts of the sky. Very high quality graphixs. Currently only for Windows, but a Linux version is in the works. Developed by Patrick Chevalley.

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