I occasionally get a chance to get on my 1200's and mix. I primarily work with all sorts of trance (progressive, cyber, hard, chill, candy, etc.) although I enjoy drum & bass, happy hardcore, dance and ambient.

My favorite store is Skills DJ Workshop where they have all the best music, although their online store is currently inoperable. Satellite has served me well in the past, but isn't so great anymore. It looks like Dance Records is the latest reasonable store and they're only online.

If you're really into trance and want to hear the freshest in new music, you can download tons of Armin Van Buuren's weekly radio shows here.

In January of '04 I completed my first album after a buying spree at Skills in Berkeley. I called it Boink. Below is a copy of the original CD insert which links to an .m4a version of the album.

I also have a new custom table for my equipment thanks to my parents and their woodworking skills. Here's me putting the final coats of paint on the table.