Touring around India in 2014, right after proposing my thesis. The Taj Mahal is in the background.

Sunset on Maunakea (with oxygen tank) before a Subaru observing run to obtain high-resolution spectra of young M dwarfs.

Swimming with stromatolites at Shark Bay, a World Heritage Site, during NASA's 2013 Astrobiology Tour of Western Australia.

Nice views from the Chilean Andes while getting some hiking in after a conference on planet formation at ESO in Santiago.

Getting runner up at NASA's FameLab Competition in 2013. I spoke about the effects of sequestration on space exploration.

Hanging out with the MIR spacecraft during a trip to Moscow in 2009 with my class at the International Space University

At the top of Kuliouou Ridge, one of my favorite hikes on Oahu, with my dog, Rocket.

Hiking the Gobi Desert in 2010. I was living in Beijing for the summer to learn some Mandarin Chinese (mostly forgotten).