Inquiry-based + Equitable Learning

My outreach interests are in applying research-based teaching methods, designing inquiry-based activities that create more effective science/engineering learning experiences, and working collaboratively to promote equitable learning environments. To this end, I have been participating in the Institute for Science and Engineering Educators (ISEE) Professional Development Program (PDP). ISEE/PDP participants attend multi-day workshops on inquiry-based learning and collaborative educational design; during these workshops, participants form small teams (3-5 people) and design teaching programs under the guidance of a Design Team Leader, who is typically a returning ISEE/PDP participant at the advanced graduate student or postdoc level. The ISEE/PDP culminates with the participants teaching the activity that they designed at an ISEE-affiliated educational program, typically at the undergraduate level. ISEE/PDP started in 2001 and has over 400 Alumni.

2017 ISEE Professional Development Program

I am currently a Design Team Leader for the 2017 ISEE/PDP. My team's teaching venue is the 2017 TMT Preparing Future Leaders workshop, which brings together graduate students and post-docs in science and engineering who are interested in international collaboration and project management. We are excited to bring inquiry-based learning to higher education and will be teaching our activity in August 2017, so stay tuned!