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IfA Executive Committee Meets on Maui

IfA Executive Committee Meeting on Maui

As part of an effort to make IfA a more inclusive three-island institute, an executive committee meeting was held on Maui in September. Attending were (from left to right) Faculty Chair Jonathan Williams; Klaus Hodapp, associate director, IfA Hilo; Associate Director Robert McLaren; Alan Tokunaga, IRTF director and associate director for instrumentation; Director G√ľnther Hasinger; Michael Maberry, assistant director for external relations; Kenneth Chambers, director of the Pan-STARRS telescopes; Richard Wainscoat, principal investigator for Pan-STARRS; and Lauren Anzai, interim director of administrative services. Also held on Maui that day were an all-hands staff meeting, a staff lunch, and a meeting of the Faculty Advisory Committee. Photo by Stuart Jefferies.