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More Postdocs

We just didn't have room for all of the new postdoctoral fellows in the last issue, so here are a few more.

Hsin-Fang Chiang

Hsin-Fang Chiang (PhD, 2011, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is an experienced optical, submillimeter, and radio astronomy observer. She is based in Hilo and is working with faculty member Bo Reipurth in the area of star formation.

Brendan Hermalyn

Brendan Hermalyn (PhD, 2011, Brown University), an astrobiology postdoctoral fellow, studies hypervelocity impact physics and cratering problems through computational simulations and high-speed experimental measurements at the NASA Ames Vertical Gun Range facility. He has been involved with the Deep Impact, LCROSS, DIXI, and Stardust-NExT space missions. He is interested in solar system cratering processes, including volatile retention and excavation, aerodynamics, and the development of spaceborne instrumentation.

Eric Hilton

Eric Hilton (PhD, 2011, University of Washington) studies low-mass stars and the planets around them. He works both at IfA and the Department of Geology and Geophysics, since his advisor is Eric Gaidos, a professor in the latter. He is very interested in communicating science to the general public and encouraging diversity in science. Prior to attending astronomy graduate school, he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guyana, South America, where he taught science in a secondary school.

James Stephanson

James Stephenson (PhD 2011, University of Cambridge, UK) is a biologist who wrote his dissertation on the 3D structure of RNA in HIV. As an Astrobiology Postdoctoral Fellow, he studies the 20 amino acids, out of thousands, that encode life. He holds an undergraduate degree in genetics, a master’s in bioinformatics, a second master’s in mathematical biology, and PhD in medicine.