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Manoa Open House


A friendly game of Astro-Jeopardy. Photo by Zach Gazak.

Did you know that Earth sometimes has more than one natural moon? You can find out all about it at the IfA’s Manoa Open House on April 10, when astronomer Robert Jedicke will talk about "Earth’s Mini Moons."

Ever wonder if those cable TV programs speculating about astronauts visiting Earth in ancient times have any truth to them? Then be sure to catch the talk by IfA scientist Tobias Owen entitled "Visits to Earth? UFOs and Ancient Astronauts." Other talks will cover dark matter, main-belt comets, the birth of our solar system, supermassive black holes, the search for habitable planets around other stars, and the latest on NASA space missions to comets.

There will also be activities and displays for people of all ages. Come make a comet, or see what you look like at infrared wavelengths. Have your face painted with a planet or two, or watch a planetarium show. Peruse award-winning science fair displays or the 3-D image gallery, which includes close ups of Mars and other heavenly bodies. Ever wanted to ask an astronomer a question? Well, this will be your chance.

The Open House will take place at 2680 Woodlawn Drive, Manoa from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission and parking will be free. We hope to see you there. For a complete list of talks and activities, go to the IfA website,

A friendly game of Astro-Jeopardy. Photo by Zach Gazak.