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Hamilton Library Hosts IYA 2009 Exhibit

Celestial image by Jean-Charles Cuillandre

Family enjoys one of the large images by astronomer Jean-Charles Cuillandre of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. Photo by Nancy Lyttle.

The UH Institute for Astronomy and Hamilton Library are presenting the exhibit "The Universe: Yours to Discover" in the Hamilton Bridge Gallery through mid-December in celebration of the International Year of Astronomy, a global event to encourage all people to rediscover their place in the Universe by viewing the night sky.

All of the images in this exhibit are from Hawaii. Featured are celestial images taken with the 340-million-pixel MegaCam on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope on Mauna Kea by CFHT astronomer Jean-Charles Cuillandre. IfA graphic artist Karen Teramura created the other works in the exhibit, including a stunning photomontage titled "Hawaii: Our Portal to the Cosmos."

Rare books from the Hamilton Library's Special Research Collection and tools used by amateur astronomers round out the exhibit.

A series of lectures by IfA astronomers accompanies the exhibit. Robert Joseph gave the opening lecture, "Galileo and the 400th Anniversary of Astronomy Using Telescopes," on September 10. It was part of the Manoa 2009 Faculty Lecture Series and followed by a reception in the Hamilton Bridge Gallery. The remaining lectures will be "The Antikythera Mechanism" (Gareth Wynn-Williams) on Wednesday, October 14, "Telescopes: Big and Small" (Alan T. Tokunaga) on Wednesday, October 28, "Sacred Mountains and Astronomy" (Paul H. I. Coleman) on Wednesday, November 18, and "Hubble Space Telescope: Past, Present & Future" (Lisa Kewley) on Thursday, December 3. All lectures will take place at 3:30 p.m. in Hamilton Library, room 301.

The exhibit was organized by IfA Librarian Kathleen Robertson, UH Library Events and Communications Coordinator Teri Skillman, and Karen Teramura and Louise Good from the IfA Publications Office.