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IfA Manoa Open House

Manoa Open House panorama

The IfA Manoa Open House, held on April 5 to coincide with the International Year of Astronomy event "100 Hours of Astronomy," was an overwhelming success. Well over a thousand visitors attended. Among the most popular children's activities were a Mars rescue mission game in which children assembled rescue pods from Legos and raced them across simulated Martian terrain, comet making, and the Mars drop, in which a raw egg must be packaged to survive a simulated Mars landing (being dropped from the IfA's second floor landing). Photos by Nancy Lyttle and Zach Gazak.


packing eggs for mars drop  

Rubens' tube

Graduate students demonstrated a Rubens' Tube, a physics experiment that shows flames are sensitive to sound waves.

Children package eggs for the Mars Drop.