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Friends Tour Maikalani Labs and Haleakala

Joe Ritter demonstrates precision measurements.

Joe Ritter demonstrated precision measurement devices for the IfA Friends. He showed how to measure mechanical assemblies to within a thousandth of an inch and how to measure the shape of a deformable mirror to a millionth of an inch. Photo by Maria Lowder.

On September 6, twenty-eight Friends of the IfA toured the IfA Maui base facility (Advanced Technology Research Center, also called Maikalani) and four observatories on Haleakala--the Advanced Electro Optical System, the Pan-STARRS PS1 telescope, Mees Solar Observatory, and the Faulkes Telescope. Their time on the summit of Haleakala included a simple sandwich dinner with a view of the sunset, stargazing with members of the Haleakala Astronomical Association, and observing on the Faulkes Telescope.

Future Friends activities will include remote observing on the Faulkes Telescope from IfA Manoa and participation in the annual luncheon in December that honors graduate students who participate in outreach activities.