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New Graduate Students at the IfA

New graduate students, from left to right: Elizabeth McGrath, Yuko Kakazu, Brian Stalder, Sebastien Lefranc, Sandrine Bottinelli, Sean Andrews, and Henry Hsieh.

This fall the IfA graduate program welcomed seven new students. Elizabeth McGrath received her bachelor of arts degree in both physics and astronomy from Vassar College. She is currently working as a "stellar" research assistant for Ann Boesgaard, but is also interested in extragalactic astronomy. Yuko Kakazu received her B.S. degree from Tohoku University in northern Japan. She is working as a research assistant for Esther Hu, and is already a co-author of several published astronomy research papers. Brian Stalder received a B.S. in astronomy from the California Institute of Technology. He is now a teaching assistant for Gerry Luppino's section of Astronomy 110. Sebastien Lefranc received an M.S. in Physics from the Université de Versailles and M.Sc. in Astronomy and Astrophysics from the Observatoire de Paris. He is working with Dave Jewitt on solar system astronomy. Sandrine Bottinelli is French, but she received her M.Sc. from the Imperial College, London. She is assisting Bob Joseph with his section of Astronomy 110. Sean Andrews works with Jeff Kuhn as a 110 teaching assistant. He received his B.A. from Northwestern University, and is interested in star formation. Henry Hsieh, from Florham Park, New Jersey, received his bachelor of arts degree from Harvard. He studied interstellar clouds for his senior thesis, and he is also interested in the solar system, especially comets, and extrasolar planets.