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New Postdoctoral Fellows in 2007

Beth Biller Adam Bolton Lucas Cieza
Beth Biller
Adam Bolton
Luca Cieza

We've had a bumper crop of new postdocs in 2007. Beth Biller, the newest arrival, is a Hubble fellow who comes to IfA from Steward Observatory in Arizona. She uses adaptive optics (see Na Kilo Hoku no. 21) to study brown dwarfs (objects larger than a planet but smaller than a star) and extrasolar planets. Adam Bolton is the new Beatrice Watson Parrent postdoctoral fellow. Most of his current research centers on the phenomenon of strong gravitational lensing and its use in the study of galaxy structure, cosmology, and basic physics.

Lucas Cieza received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a Spitzer fellow studying the structure and evolution of circumstellar disks. Michael Cushing received his PhD from UH in 2004. He has returned to IfA to work with John Tonry on developing CCD cameras and to research low-mass stars and brown dwarfs. John Johnson is a National Science Foundation postdoctoral fellow. He is a planet hunter, someone who searches for and studies planets outside of our solar system.

Michael Cushing John Johnson Pedro Lacerda
Michael Cushing
John Johnson
Pedro Lacerda

Pedro Lacerda studies physical properties of small solar system objects, namely Kuiper Belt objects, Centaurs, comets, and Trojan and main-belt asteroids. He is working with David Jewitt. Noé Lugaz and Marina Skender are both solar physicists working with Ilia Roussev. Martin Paegert has joined the NASA Astrobiology team at UH. He is a Variable Young Stellar Objects Survey postdoctoral fellow who is working with Bo Reipurth.

Noé Lugaz Marina Skender Martin Paegert
Noé Lugaz
Marina Skender
Martin Paegert