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IfA Manoa Open House

At the Manoa Open House, astronomer David Tholen adjusted the telescope’s view of Venus while astronomer Don Mickey (left) looked on. Photo by Jimmy Heasley.

This year, the IfA Manoa Open House on April 29 featured larger bottle rockets--two-liter soda bottles launched with a bicycle pump, an astronomy school with telescope simulation software to take the temperature of a star or measure the speed of a galaxy, and the game AstroJeopardy modeled after the television game show. Lectures explained the birth of stars, colliding galaxies, and meteorites found in Antarctica.

Those wishing to view the sky through a telescope could see Venus or a sunspot on the Sun through a small telescope in the courtyard, or could go inside to use the much larger NASA Infrared Telescope Facility on Mauna Kea over the Internet.


Science Fair display
Onaka and infrared picture
Steve Rodney explains planets.

Top: Andrew Ito and his father next to the display explaining his project, “The Next Generation,” which won second place in the junior display division of the 2007 Hawai‘i State Science and Engineering Fair. It described the ion propulsion method of propelling spacecraft. Middle: Engineer Peter Onaka with a picture taken by an infrared camera. Bottom: Graduate student Steve Rodney used balls of various sizes to explain the relative size and distance of the planets. Photos by Karen Teramura.