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Friends Group Established

The Friends of Hawai‘i Astronomy was launched in early 2001 to support the outreach and research efforts of the University of Hawai‘i Institute for Astronomy. We welcome all with an interest in astronomy and astronomy education to participate in the Friends. Our goal is to provide greater insights into astronomy and its relevance to our world.

This newsletter is one of the vehicles by which the IfA will be communicating with the Friends and other interested parties. Each issue will feature information about the Institute's people and research programs, as well as about upcoming events. Further information about the Institute is also available on our Web site:

Early in June, the first monthly sky charts were mailed out, along with a color decal depicting the Institute's attractive emblem. This month, we will be hosting a Summer Stargazing Event open to the Friends and their guests.

In the fall, we will inaugurate the Community Lecture Series featuring Institute faculty. Extragalactic astronomer and renowned astronomy photographer Dr. Richard Wainscoat; Dr. Michael Liu, holder of the Beatrice Watson Parrent Postdoctoral Fellowship; and Astronomer Emeritus Dr. George Herbig, a member of the National Academy of Sciences and fellow in the American Association of Arts and Sciences, are slated to be the first speakers.

More exciting activities will be offered in the coming months as the Friends increase in number and the Institute steps up its outreach effort. If you would like to join us, please contact our outreach coordinator, Dr. Jim Heasley, at 956-6826, or Friends contact Joan Yanagihara, at 956-6712, for a copy of our Friends brochure "Explore," or e-mail us at We look forward to your participation!