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Grad Notes

Since the astronomy graduate program at the University of Hawai‘i was founded in 1975, 109 students have enrolled in the program. Of these, 70 received the Ph.D. degree, and a further 22, the M.S. degree, a success rate of over 84 percent.

We have kept track of the careers of more than 90 percent of our graduates. Our latest information is available on the IfA Web site. Over 85 percent of our Ph.D. alumni and over half of our M.S. alumni are currently actively employed as astronomers or physicists at universities, observatories, or government laboratories. Most of the remainder are working in the information and communications industries.

About 20 percent of our Ph.D. recipients have been women. One of the first of these was Catherine Pilachowski, who is currently the president-elect of the American Astronomical Society.