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IfA Employee Service Awards


Back row: George Herbig (emeritus) , Paul Uemura (30 years), Elaine Olson (20), David Tholen (20).
Row 3: Darryl Watanabe (15), Peter Onaka (10), Robert McLaren (10), Joshua Barnes (10), David Griep (20).
Row 2: Michele Tom (10), Donald Mickey (30), Pui Hin Rhoads (20), Lauren Anzai (20).
Front row: Gale Yamada (20), Nancy Lyttle (15), Karan Hughes (15), Debra Hew-Harano (10), IfA Director Rolf-Peter Kudritzki.

A ceremony to recognize long-time employees on all three islands took place on March 5 in the IfA Manoa auditorium. In addition, astronomer James Heasley received an award for his efforts to increase public outreach, and the mid-2001 retirement of George Herbig (now astronomer emeritus) was acknowledged.

Donald Mickey (astronomer), Paul Uemura (electronic technician), and Patricia (Gail) Forbes, an administrative officer at Mauna Kea Observatories Support Services (MKSS), received a certificate and pen for 30 years of service. Those honored for 20 years of service were Lauren Anzai and Gale Yamada (administrative officers); Elaine Olson (Mees Observatory electronics engineer); David Tholen (astronomer); NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) Hilo staff members David Griep (telescope operator), George Koenig (observatory superintendent), Sammie Pung (observatory technician), and Douglas Toomey (electronics engineer); and Manuel A. Santos, who works for MKSS at Hale Pohaku.

Seven Research Corporation (RCUH) employees were honored for 15 years of service: Karan Hughes (IRTF project assistant); Nancy Lyttle (executive administrative assistant); IRTF staffers Darryl Watanabe (electronics technician) and Anthony Denault (software engineer); and MKSS employees Jason Hashimoto, Tracy Miyashiro, and Walter Poha. (UH does not give awards at the fifteen-year mark.)

Those receiving 10-year awards included astronomers Joshua Barnes, Kenneth Chambers, Gerard Luppino, Robert McLaren, and Tobias Owen; Peter Onaka (electronics engineer), Michele Tom (personnel officer), Debra Hew-Harano (personnel specialist), Pui-Hin Rhoads (computer section head), and Chris Kaukali (administrative officer) from Manoa; Warren (Joey) Perreira (observatory technician) and Kaila Rhoden (administrative officer) from Maui; and MKSS manager Ronald Koehler and MKSS employee Gordon Granger from the Big Island.