Aligning Visions for Maunakea
Doug Simons

The recent conflict on Maunakea set in motion a cascade of turmoil, uncertainty, change, and opportunity for Hawai'i astronomy in the 21st century. While the conflict is complex in nature, and steeped in symbolism, a lasting resolution is not out of reach. Ultimately our community will determine the essence of the conflict's resolution. In our community, the thousands of Hawai'i residents, past and present, who have built, operated, and developed the Maunakea observatories over the past 50 years, will be integral to defining the future of Maunakea as well. This presentation explores the nature of the conflict, identifies possible outcomes, and suggests approaches that will contribute to its resolution in an inclusive and lasting context. A process called EnVision Maunakea is an important pathfinder in our search for conflict resolution and will be described in depth.