Astrocoffee Talks

Current Research at IfA

10:30am Fridays
Moon Room

Talks are 15 minutes and informal.
Inter-island polycom available:

All welcome - come and see what is happening at IfA!

Spring 2016 Schedule
(email us below to request a slot)

Jan 15
Jan 22
Adalbert Ding
Doppler Spectroscopy of Coronal Mass Ejections
Jan 29
no talk
faculty candidate talks
Feb 5
no talk
faculty candidate talks
Feb 12
Ken Chambers
Pan-STARRS and PESSTO Search for the Optical Counterpart
to the LIGO Gravitational Wave Source GW150914
Feb 19
no talk
Feb 26
Zhoujian Zhang
Distributions of Quasar Hosts on the Galaxy Main-sequence Plane
Mar 4
Bill Unruh
Giants Among Us - Humpback Whales
Mar 11
Mar 18
Mar 25
no talk
spring break
Apr 1
Ben Boe
Gerhana Matahari Total - Solar Eclipse Expedition to Indonesia, March 2016
Apr 8
Jabran Zahid
The Prehistoric Transition to Agriculture Did Not Accelerate Population Growth
Apr 15
Maissa Salama
Optimizing Robo-AO at Kitt Peak and Installing a New IR Camera
Apr 22
Brent Tully
The Cosmic V-Web
Apr 29
Roberto Mendez
The Two Central Stars of NGC 1514
May 6
Rolf Kudritzki
How I Make the Universe Smaller

Fall 2015 Schedule
(email us below to request a slot)

Sep 4
Aren Heinze
Boulders in the Main Belt: Finding the Faintest Asteroids
Sep 11
Guenther Hasinger
Modern History of Astronomy in Hawaii
Sep 18
Po-Feng Wu
On the Mass-Metallicity Relation of Galaxies: from collaborations in IfA
Sep 25
Tucker Jones
Direct Calibration of Metallicity Diagnostics at High Redshift
Oct 2
Curt Dodds
Hawaiian Homebrewing Howto, How to Brew Beer at Home Using a Wine Refrigerator
Oct 9
Christian Flores
Azimuthal Variations in the Gas/Dust Ratio of a Planet Forming Disk
Oct 16
Jason Chu
The Hawaiian Heavens: Photography and Time Lapse on Maunakea
Oct 23
Brent Tully
Virgo Infall
Oct 30
Naty Alzate
The Not-So-Stealthy Sun
Nov 6
Morgan Bonnet
Project Management in Astro
Nov 13
Yao-Lun Yang
The Structure of Class 0 protostars: BHR71 in Herschel View
Nov 20
Joe Hutton
A New Method for the Automated Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in 3D
Nov 27
Dec 4
Nienke van der Marel
Mind the Gap: Gas and Dust in Planet-Forming Disks
Dec 15
Geoffrey Mathews
15-minute Overview of the PDP Inquiry-Based Teaching Workshops
Dec 18
Eva Lilly
Personal Space Invaders: Close Encounters of the Asteroid Kind

Spring 2015 Schedule
(email us below to request a slot)

Jan 16
Heather Flewelling
Astronomy Allies
Jan 23
Rolf Kudritzki
Keep it simple - metallicity gradients of spirals and their chemical evolution
Jan 30
Feb 6
Gareth Wynn-Williams
Fire & Sky - another AstroPechaKucha
Feb 13
Bob McLaren
New Leases for Maunakea
Feb 20
Sam Grunblatt
Measuring the Mass of Kepler-78b Using a Gaussian Process Model
Feb 27
Norbert Schorghofer
Ice on Ceres
Mar 6
Larry Denneau
Spin me up, spin me down: the dizzying life of small asteroids
Mar 13
Will Best
Pan-STARRS Goes Ultracool: Brown Dwarf Evolution Within 25 parsecs
Mar 20
Rob Weryk
Meteoroid Ablation
Mar 27
Nick Kaiser
What Is the Area of the Cosmic Photosphere (or a Golf Ball)?
Apr 3
Good Friday
[No Talk]
Apr 10
Brent Tully
The Arrowhead Mini-Supercluster
Apr 17
Ann Boesgaard
A Case Study of a Pathological Star Cluster
Apr 24
Rami Rekola (visitor)
May 1
John Lindner (Wooster)
May 8
Alan Tokunaga
The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility: How to Survive in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes
May 15
[no talk]
May 22
[no talk]
May 29
Roy Gal
What's ahead at the IAU meeting this summer?
July 17
July 31
Karen Morenz (U Toronto)

Fall 2014 Schedule

Sept 12
Kathleen Robertson
easy e-Research
Sept 19
Shadia Habbal
Unveiling the Beauty of the Sun
Sept 26
Bryce Bolin
Gravitational Instability in Planetesimal Disks
Oct 3
Norbert Schorghofer
Mobile Water on the Moon
Oct 10
John Tonry
ATLAS status
Oct 17
Geoff Mathews
Preparing Undergraduates for Research: Backwards Designing the Curriculum
Oct 24
Karen Meech
The Manx Comet . . . First Surface Observations of an Oort Cloud Object
Oct 31
Special 699 (no astrocoffee)
History of Modern Astronomy in Hawaii
Nov 7
Matt Hosek
The Tidal Radius of the Arches Cluster
Nov 14
Nov 21
Nov 28
no talk
Dec 5
Katey Alatalo (IPAC)
Compact Groups: where galaxies go to transition
Dec 12
Mike Ireland (ANU)
Wide-Field Spectroscopy Down Under: HERMES/GALAH and TAIPAN/FunnelWeb
Dec 19
Jessica Lu
Dec 26
no talk

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