Astrocoffee Talks

Current Research at IfA

10:30am Fridays
Moon Room

Talks are 15 minutes and informal.
Inter-island polycom available:

All welcome - come and see what is happening at IfA!

Spring 2015 Schedule
(email us below to request a slot)

Jan 16
Heather Flewelling
Astronomy Allies
Jan 23
Rolf Kudritzki
Keep it simple - metallicity gradients of spirals and their chemical evolution
Jan 30
Feb 6
Gareth Wynn-Williams
Fire & Sky - another AstroPechaKucha
Feb 13
Bob McLaren
New Leases for Maunakea
Feb 20
Sam Grunblatt
Measuring the Mass of Kepler-78b Using a Gaussian Process Model
Feb 27
Norbert Schorghofer
Ice on Ceres
Mar 6
Larry Denneau
Spin me up, spin me down: the dizzying life of small asteroids
Mar 13
Will Best
Pan-STARRS Goes Ultracool: Brown Dwarf Evolution Within 25 parsecs
Mar 20
Rob Weryk
Meteoroid Ablation
Mar 27
Nick Kaiser
What Is the Area of the Cosmic Photosphere (or a Golf Ball)?
Apr 3
Good Friday
[No Talk]
Apr 10
Brent Tully
The Arrowhead Mini-Supercluster
Apr 17
Ann Boesgaard
Apr 24
Rami Rekola (visitor)
May 1
John Lindner (Wooster)
May 8
Alan Tokunaga
The NASA Infrared Telescope Facility: How to Survive in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes
May 15
Roy Gal

Fall 2014 Schedule

Sept 12
Kathleen Robertson
easy e-Research
Sept 19
Shadia Habbal
Unveiling the Beauty of the Sun
Sept 26
Bryce Bolin
Gravitational Instability in Planetesimal Disks
Oct 3
Norbert Schorghofer
Mobile Water on the Moon
Oct 10
John Tonry
ATLAS status
Oct 17
Geoff Mathews
Preparing Undergraduates for Research: Backwards Designing the Curriculum
Oct 24
Karen Meech
The Manx Comet . . . First Surface Observations of an Oort Cloud Object
Oct 31
Special 699 (no astrocoffee)
History of Modern Astronomy in Hawaii
Nov 7
Matt Hosek
The Tidal Radius of the Arches Cluster
Nov 14
Nov 21
Nov 28
no talk
Dec 5
Katey Alatalo (IPAC)
Compact Groups: where galaxies go to transition
Dec 12
Mike Ireland (ANU)
Wide-Field Spectroscopy Down Under: HERMES/GALAH and TAIPAN/FunnelWeb
Dec 19
Jessica Lu
Dec 26
no talk

To volunteer for your Astrocoffee talk, simply email Heather Flewelling (heather@) Kelly Lockhart (kel@) or Will Best (wbest@).